Export / Import


When it comes to availability Sindocorp International thrives to be global with its wide range of products for everyone. Sindocorp International products are Halal and HCCCP certified keeping the standard quality up to mark in all parts of the world. The products are hygienically manufactured and carefully packed to ensure that they remain intact during the transit and offers the same delightful crunch whenever or wherever consumed.

We understand the importance of time in every deal. We ship prompt and use various modes of shipment » Courier Services (door to door shipments), Air Freight, Sea Cargo – as per buyer’s convenience, ordered quantity & access to the destinations.

Shipping Company

The global economy has heightened the level of competitiveness for companies worldwide.Companies are sourcing products from a variety of suppliers on a global basis and are evaluating each aspect of their supply chain processes for maximum cost efficiencies.

In addition, merger mania has also affected the banking, development and logistics arena resulting in the development of megalithic multi-national freight companies. These companies tout their enormous size and number of offices worldwide as a benefit to their customer. We feel that these global giants are too big and cannot offer the personalized customer care that companies are still looking for in this computerized world we live in. Also many of their so called, office location can be very small and ineffective operations – This is why companies utilize MAP HOLDINGS SDN BHD.