Sindocorp Charity

About Sindocorp Charity

As a Business Entrepreneur, social involvement is the characteristics of attribute for being part of the community and society. It started as a way of success that brings obligations.

Give and take must always be in balance.It’s where I started an involved in 2006 as a NGO for Charity works in Thailand and focusing on Orphanage till 2010. Concurrently, being part of as a Volunteer Counselor for Ex-Drugs user was a life experience to resolve the pain of an addiction that can be emotional challenges. 

As Part of Psychotherapist trained, without forgetting, teaching in Sulaiman Madrassah for
consecutive of 2 years and a year in Zamboanga – Philippines, and this has also been the golden opportunity for my personal growth.

In 2015, charity works has been part of my life with a compassionate interactive. Hence work
together with ACT (Aksi Cepat Tangkap NGO) for Social and Humanitarian aid, which involved in Refugee Camps In Kuala Langsa in Aceh – Indonesia, Orphanage in Central Java, Speaker Counselor for Women’s Rights in Thailand and Cambodia.

Not forgetting the Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines and recent Earthquake in Davao – Philippines, which took many lives and it’s a very challenging trip for me to reach the location.
With all the experiences, and as a Founder of Sindocorp Int Holdings Pte. Ltd, I decided to take 2.5% from our Business Profit into Sindocorp Charity and be ready to reach.
We need your support.