Madu Hutan Suku Baduy

Previous Next Detail Product Shofis honey is honey which is collected from the deep forest of Java Islands (Indonesia).Shofis honey is absolutely natural & has more nutritional values, it is found only in the wild naturewhere it is harvested by the BADUY Tribe Honey HuntersRaw Honey Benefits: 1. Helps increase immunity.2. High-Quality Honey Is Rich […]

Ratu Ratus

Previous Next Detail Product NYI ASAM GELUGUR with POMEGRANATE Tea  For Male and Female above 12 years of age Benefits:  Overcoming hypertension Overcoming diabetes Idealize body weight Good for heart health Prevent Tumor growth Overcoming intestinal worms Overcoming sore gums Reduce bloating As a rheumatic drug Prevent atherosclerosis Lowering bad cholesterol levels Overcoming fever Prevent […]