Chilia Sambal ​ Previous Next Detail Product Chilia is dry powder sambal made from a combination of roasted powdered chili and fried shalloct (retdominion ) then added some traditional flavor and ingredient. Chila is make without using SMG and preservative. Chilia is packed in flip bottle weightning 37 gram. Chilia is curently produced in 4 flavor . […]

Orgamie Moringa Fried Noodle

Previous Next Detail Product   ORGAMIE instant noodles is made from organic ingredients. Unlike most instant noodles whichare unhealthy and can cause harm to our health, ORGAMIE let you enjoy instant noodleswithout compromising your health, In fact, ORGAMIE provides benefits to your good well-beingwith its natural organic ingredients. ORGAMIE is made from Moringa leaves, that […]