Madu Hutan Suku Baduy

Previous Next Detail Product Shofis honey is honey which is collected from the deep forest of Java Islands (Indonesia).Shofis honey is absolutely natural & has more nutritional values, it is found only in the wild naturewhere it is harvested by the BADUY Tribe Honey HuntersRaw Honey Benefits: 1. Helps increase immunity.2. High-Quality Honey Is Rich […]

Ratu Ratus

Previous Next Detail Product NYI ASAM GELUGUR with POMEGRANATE Tea  For Male and Female above 12 years of age Benefits:  Overcoming hypertension Overcoming diabetes Idealize body weight Good for heart health Prevent Tumor growth Overcoming intestinal worms Overcoming sore gums Reduce bloating As a rheumatic drug Prevent atherosclerosis Lowering bad cholesterol levels Overcoming fever Prevent […]

Chilia Sambal ​ Previous Next Detail Product Chilia is dry powder sambal made from a combination of roasted powdered chili and fried shalloct (retdominion ) then added some traditional flavor and ingredient. Chila is make without using SMG and preservative. Chilia is packed in flip bottle weightning 37 gram. Chilia is curently produced in 4 flavor . […]

Orgamie Moringa Fried Noodle

Previous Next Detail Product   ORGAMIE instant noodles is made from organic ingredients. Unlike most instant noodles whichare unhealthy and can cause harm to our health, ORGAMIE let you enjoy instant noodleswithout compromising your health, In fact, ORGAMIE provides benefits to your good well-beingwith its natural organic ingredients. ORGAMIE is made from Moringa leaves, that […]

Keripik Cireng tes

Previous Next Detail Product Sikaya is the hallmark of Indonesian archipelago source of wealth. A brand name which is committed to promote the quality of Indonesian spices. Cireng is one of the well known snacks in Indonesia. Particularly in West Java where it originated. Sikaya Cireng Chips is made from 100% natural ingredients such as […]


Detail Product BRAJA CHOCO CHIPS cereal is absolutely a healthier choice. Made from carefully selected naturalingredients with no preservatives and MSG.The chocolate chips is made from Belgian chocolate. Baked into bite-sized chocolate chips cookies, itis actually a 2 in 1 breakfast goodness. You can have it on its own with your favourite morningbeverages or dunk […]