About Us

Who We Are

ISRAFIL AL ZILL is an entrepreneur who has been interested in Business since childhood.He started selling cakes in the village area when he was 10 years old, but he did not realize that he had talent and interest in business since he was young. After he finished military service in 1994, he worked in several companies, but did not last long, as no one could understand what he was trying to convey.

Since he left Singapore in 1998, that’s where he started back packing to several countries in Asia and Europe. And he lived in New Zealand for 6 years. That’s where he realized that he has talent in business and that’s where he started several businesses and continued his studies in business. In 2006, he started his first business in Thailand by opening several Cafe branches, and in less than a year, he opened a garment factory and in 2010, he opened a budget Hotel in Cambodia.

After that, he did not stop seeking knowledge and continued to improve himself until he developed several more companies in Asia. In 2015, he developed several enterprises, among which was AL ZILL (Sindocorp).

AL ZILL (UEN No. 53332709A) is an SME company that he started in Singapore with a focus on retail. And in a matter of months, he developed another enterprise called TAURANGA NATURALS PTE LTD (UEN No.201621229K) in Singapore in 2016, by importing Honey from New Zealand and Australia. He went on to develop another company called ROTORUA NATURALS PTE LTD (UEN No.201722186Z) also in Singapore in 2017, by importing cosmetics from several countries. In the following year (2017), Israfil developed a company in Malaysia under the name ORGAMIL (M) SDN BHD. He started producing goat milk in Malaysia and opened a branch in Manila – Philippines. Israfil merged all his companies and changed the name of his company to SINDOCORP INTERNATIONAL.

SINDOCORP has grown to become one of the most successful and most competitive food supply and trading company with branch offices in Singapore ( SINDOCORP 24SEVEN ), Malaysia ( SINDOKORP FMCG MALAYSIA SDN BHD ), Indonesia ( PT SINDOCORP FOOD EKSPORTER ), Egypt ( SINDOCORP INTERNATIONAL ), and coming up in Thailand and Turkey by 2nd quarter of 2022.

Sindocorp International is a Corporation which is engaged in a few different businesses related sectors. One of which is Production and Trading of FMCG products as a one stop supplier with the most competitive prices. And it has factories in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as a few Agriculture farms.

Sindocorp International primarily supplies to Supermarkets, Convenience Marts, Restaurants, Cafe, Factories, Hotels, Government offices and other Retailers with premium quality food & beverage and other daily needs products such as toiletries and household products.


Solution is our Focus.We believe to deliver to the very utmost in customers satisfaction


Sindocorp makes it an utmost importance to produce Healthy Food products with Gluten Free, MSG Free and Preservatives Free products for consumers to enjoy the food without the worry of jeopardizing their health. Our products are processed in compliance under Islamic Guidance and are halal certified and verified. Our utmost priority is to deliver the best quality products and services to customers in our industry while facilitating extraordinary growth and sustainability.


Sindocorp is a corporation with years of expertise in exporting merchandise to several countries all around the world.  The corporation has been recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and Malaysia MATRADE (Ministry of Trade Malaysia) to help the Small Medium enterprises to export their merchandise and to make their products be internationally recognized. Thus, making Sindocorp an Authorized Exclusive Distributor and Exporter for many Indonesian and Malaysian Products.


Apart from Producing, Exporting, Distributing and Logistics, Sindocorp also provides Business Development Classes to train SME entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines. To give guidance, education and deep understanding about how to manage, expand and export their products internationally. And the importance of FMCG.

Upon successful completion of training, entrepreneurs will be equipped with knowledge on how to produce their own brand products and eventually became our partners.

Community Services

In compliance with the Islamic teachings, Sindocorp International is actively doing community services too. Giving back to the community with the profits it reaps from the activities and business deals. Giving at least 2.5% of its profits for humanitarian work.

is a Corporation which involved in a few different business sectors, and one of it is Manufacturing and Trading which carries 100% Halal product and daily needs products as a one stop at most competitive prices.