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ATTENTION : Sindocorp International only use sindocorp domain ( sindocorp.com ) for every business communication via Email. We do not use Gmail, Yahoo or any other domain for business purpose.  Sindocorp Group are those listed in Contact Us.

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Export / Import

When it comes to availability Sindocorp thrives to be global with its wide range of products for everyone. Sindocorp products are Halal and HACCP certified keeping the standard quality up to mark in all parts of the world


Our company has more than 5 years of experience in the distribution business as well as supermarket and other retailers

Business Education

Our classes are taught by experienced professionals who will help you learn the business basics, assess your entrepreneurial readiness, create a feasible business plan, and understand business up to international market.


We consult your company to do business abroad based on export methods, export strategies, transportation methods, legislation and export documentations.

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